What can I say about transitions?  They are inevitable and constant and we can move with them or fight against them.  I have done a bit of both these days.

My husband and I have led music at a church for 5 years, our longest stay in any one place to date, since we have moved 14 times in our 13 years of marriage.  We have recently chosen to embark on a new journey as Dustin has taken the lead singer role in a band called Sanctus Real.  We never imagined it but somewhere along the way, music became our career and livelihood.  Not only because we worked for a church but Dustin and I found a style we loved together and started a little folk acoustic thing we called James and June.

Needless to say, this new endeavor has brought expected and unexpected changes.  Some difficult and disheartening and some exciting and exhilarating.  We are pretty flexible but sometimes letting go is hard.   It is even harder when you are forced to let go more quickly than you think.  And even harder when someone else’s fear is the reason why.

Grace.  We have been given it freely and freely we must extend it.  But this too is hard.

Hope.  The very thing that causes us to see through the circumstance and know that it is not the final scenario.

Love.  The very essence of our Creator.  It frees us from feeling bound by expectations and fears and allows us to see others with empathy and compassion.  It gives life greater purpose and that is what this journey is.  Purposeful.


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