Sometimes I fail to see the progress happening around me.  Sometimes the normalcy of being together, of working and playing together, of learning together becomes nothing more than another day, another struggle, another challenge.

Over a week ago, my middle son made a poor choice and because of that choice lost any privilege of playing on or watching the television.  Well,  in his little world it was big, because that little guy has taken a real liking to the “telly”.  We have done this in the past but this time was different.  Our hearts about it were different.  His heart about it was different.  And instead of complaining, there was peace.  Peace.  For over a week, there was no distraction and my babies woke up everyday to each other.  No tv.  Just each other.  And each morning I would find all three of them sitting at the table, lego’s in tow, playing.  And playing, and playing.  No fighting or arguing.  Just contentment.  We did lessons but mostly just spent time together.  Taking walks, photographing nature, and encouraging each other.

Encouragement.  It’s huge.  Especially amongst siblings.  We live in a culture where there seems to be all this sibling angst but do you know what I see as one of the biggest rewards in homeschooling our children?  They love to be together.  They are encouraging of each other.  Not always, they are not perfect, but they are learning and they are gracious.  I am so thankful for the countless, sometimes seemingly endless hours in a day, of togetherness.  And when I pause to take inventory, I realize that togetherness is the greatest teacher, the greatest strength, the greatest encouragement and the greatest gift we have.  It is how love is seen and felt and shown.  And it continues to teach me and I am grateful for it.


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